Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Manage multiple warehouses in Stocktool for effective tracking of your real time inventory. You can plan where to locate the stock while recording a purchase or creating a sales bill. With all warehouses integrated on one cloud based system, all data entered in each warehouse is easily accessible by all the team members. This will allow each user to view the stock across all the warehouses. With a centralised system controlling all your inventory, transferring stock between warehouses becomes very easy. Have a quick view of all of your stock, regardless of where the inventory is kept and orders are completed. No more hassle to search for what is kept where. System will remember everything for you.

An effectively managed stock can make a big difference to productivity in your business. Being organised and having a systematic approach can benefit you in numerous ways.


StockTool helps in managing real time stock effectively. The software helps an organisation to keep a complete track of all the assets which includes their products. This software helps in monitoring products, sales and distribution. Companies have been using excel sheets or standard systems to keep the track of inventory which is extremely time-consuming and a complicated process as this is a manual task which involves lots of efforts and chances of manual errors are more.


A reliable software for inventory management will have all the features that are mandatory to manage and automate the production processes in real time with many companies in India and worldwide. It includes the following

  • Inventory Control
  • Product Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Batch Tracking
  • Dispatch


Using this system has various benefits which are going to help you in the long term. These benefits make it worthwhile for you to implement the software. Following are the benefits

  • Data centralisation is the key
  • Tracking is made easier with detailed reporting
  • Helps in achieving customer satisfaction which keeps your customers happy
  • Avoids wastage of stock so as to save money
  • Improves the effectiveness of all the production processes
  • Ensures on-time ordering and availability of stock. This helps you manage customer orders in a better way.
  • This kind of a tool can be integrated with any third party software

Our Inventory Management Software offers the following

  • Product master record
  • Manage multiple product pricing
  • Define Units of Measure and conversions
  • Batch/lot tracking
  • Movement tracking
  • Material issue slip
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • BOM (Bill of Material)
  • Delivery Challan and invoice generation
  • Returns
  • Transfers
  • Minimum & Maximum quantity alerts
  • System generated stockcount

How to Manage your Warehouse Inventory?

StockTool’s success is predicted based on a number of factors. Inventory management in warehouses is not only organizing products but it also requires the right alignment of network strategy and process engineering to have visibility and accuracy. This tool increases productivity in lesser time with less effort bringing in more transparency.

Best Inventory Software for MSMEs

  • Be data-driven
  • Gain control
  • Be flexible
  • Invest in technology
  • Be customer centric

Starting from creating a purchase order to dispatching the finished goods, this system covers all the steps to make your business structure organised. This is the most intuitive tool for all the businesses to make their work hassle free.

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