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Control Inventory without limitations

Increase productivity on the floor by optimizing the stock levels of your finished goods. Streamline receiving, issuing, internal transfers and fulfillment across manufacturing and distribution facilities. Gain visibility and boost accuracy throughout your warehouse.


Best Features

Modernize your Inventory processes and adopt the unique way to do business. Your team expects a user friendly platform to perform daily operations avoiding manual work. You and your team can create and manage a cloud-based inventory system to organise the system with innovation.


Stock Traceability

Enhance quality control, your stock should be tracked to the end of their supply chain journey. Your reporting should be accurate, comprehensive, and informative with data representing your inventory from start to finish.


Supply chain management

With an effective supply chain management, the output and profitability of an organisation increases with no more delays in the processes boosting the cooperation level and decreasing the cost effects.


Consolidation of data

By streamlining your critical information, it helps improve the end user experience. By briefing the processes and integrating data at one place, companies achieve better control on their data assets and make quick decisions in less time.

Each business department needs support

Throughout the scaling process, it’s important to find time and consider your inventory tracking strategy. Every growing business needs to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of operating an asset tracking system locally. While making careful choices about expenditure, upgrading to a cloud based inventory software is a long term reliable strategy from a financial planning perspective.

In addition to real-time visibility, this cloud based solution also contributes in getting analytics on top selling products, which is especially important when your business grows fast, and you need to constantly know about the right products to promote and the ones to be improved in terms of sales. Without relying on hardware infrastructure, it can be implemented easily and at minimal cost. With a click of a button, manage operations effortlessly with no heavy investments to meet the core objectives of the business. Stock Tool is flexible and adaptable for any business model allowing the management to control and monitor from anywhere, anytime.

No risk of overselling

By centralising the sales and inventory data on one platform, it ensures that the stock levels are auto updated each time you make a sale.

Saves time

Stock Tool enhances productivity, eliminates tedious manual processes helping employees to focus on other key areas making your business more profitable.

Increased cost

Automation is the key to saving money by minimizing revenue losses, stock-outs and overstock.

Better Customer Experience

Better is your service, more loyal is the customer.


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Strategise your entire business with us

Inventory is one of the greatest expenses for handling business operations. It leaves a positive impact on every part of the business from vendor to the customer services. Most of the organizations use this tool to monitor the products required according to the customer’s demand. This itself is a deep analysis of trends. This ensures not only the quality but also the selling of the products.

  • Instantly know the status of your inventory

  • Get automatic alerts when stock goes low

  • Improved delivery performance

  • Keep your customers coming back for more

  • Create optimized schedules balancing efficiency and delivery performance

Refine your
service level

Meet your customer’s requirements to motivate them to buy more from you through timely deliveries.

Enhance your
market share

Businesses can analyse how much inventory is needed and how to utilise by having proper control on inventory and having capital for re-investment.

Enhance your
competitive ability

When your market share increases, your competitive ability will automatically increase demonstrating your brand’s importance in the industry.

Acquire customer’s confidence

With better strategies in place, you can improve your cash flows providing higher customer experience at affordable prices leading to great customer satisfaction.